Is it fine to ask a colleague for her friend's number?

I work part time at a receptioning gig with a few other students at our dorm. On Saturday the team had a team building outing ( couldn't go because i have exams this week) . Anyway since everyone was gone , one of my colleagues asked me to keep her key that a friend would pick up

the friend came to pick the keys up and I really was impressed with her. ( friendly, bubbly and a gorgeous smile). I thought nothing of it at the time, but she visited again on Sunday and I felt a connection again

There's something about her and I wanna properly talk to her, but I don't know when I'll see her again. So is it okay to get her number through my colleague? Just tell her that I thought her friend was cute and if she's single?

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  • personally, I prefer someone to ask me for my number themselves.


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  • There's nothing wrong with it but make sure your colleague doesn't fancy and you are in her good books cos she could cock block you like crazy.


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  • If she'll take responsibility for giving it to you...

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