How long do girls wait to text? And is this on purpose?

Went on a first date with a girl the other night, at the end of the night I brought her home but I didn't kiss her when we got there (I figured this may be an incentive for both of us to go on a second date). We hugged and said goodnight and she said she would text me. It's been a few days since we went out and she hasn't texted me yet. I'm beginning to think she didn't have fun or that I did something wrong the other night. We have to see each other in class tomorrow anyway so I don't know if that's affecting whether she texts me or not, but it's driving me insane because I really like this girl.


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  • with how obsessed everyone is with texting and getting a response, I've thinking I might disable it on my phone. then we can all fo back to understanding people have lives and sometimes get too busy to text back immedietly. CALM DOWN!

    • ... however, if she was interested she probably would have to you to contact her instead of claiming she'd text you.

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    • um, wow! I'm not old. and I gave you the reason you haven't heard from her. SHE ISN'T INTERESTED. IF SHE WERE, SHE WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU TO CALL/TEXT.

    • I misspelled a few things (I'm on a small mobile device), I didn't use any poor grammar.

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