How do I find out if a man is interested? Two dates & lots of texting?

I meet a man I'm very interested in. Both of us are in our 40s with children. We have been on two dates and text frequently.
Both dates went great. The second date he held my hand, put his arm around me often, hugged me & a kiss on the cheek good night. Since the last date (a week ago) we text daily. He has not asked to go out again. I like when a relationship builds slowly. BUT, is this too slow or is he not interested?
Should I ask him out?
If we did go out, how can I be direct without over bearing to find out if he is intersted in exploring a relationship? How can I find out if we are on the same page at this stage?
I have time to pursue a possible relationship. I don't want or have time for a "texting rekationship".

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  • Is it too soon to ask him what he is looking for in a relationship?
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I texted and told him I'd like to see him. He responded right away & we managed to go out tonight. At the end of the night (this being the 3rd date ) I asked if he wanted to go out again at some point. He said he would. I regret putting him on the spot. The next two weeks he travels for business. I'll let him inciate the next contact both while away & to ask out. Thanks for all the good advice. He is a steady/mature/family oriented men. Just what I'm looking for. No kiss yet?


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  • He seems to be a mature man, and yes, he showed interested.
    Right now my guess is that he's leaving some room for you to show some interest as well.
    So yeah, you should go ahead and let him know that you want to see him again.
    And then back a bit and leave room for him to do a couple steps. Then do yourself another one...
    Can you see it? It's like dancing. He will lead as long as you follow, you gota do your part.


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  • tell him youd love to see him again and if he wants to date he will set something up

  • You should ask him out but don't be too pushy, he may want to move slow and "slow" is relevant.

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