What's wrong with this guy?

With been seeing each other for a year, I have feelings for him but he says he don't. So ave said I don't want to carry on seeing him because we both feel different and want different things. Yet now he's texting me all time. He will say something nice but then really quickly text back something rude after. It started to seem like he won't take no I don't want to see him again for a answer. Also tells me he will delete my number so he don't keep asking for "sex" but then day later he's texted again. He stayed up till 2am twice in a row texting trying to "makeup" and he's never done that. Why if he don't have no feelings what so ever is he so bothered about us not ever seeing each other again. Is this because I basically put my self on a plate and that's what he's thinking he's going to miss out on?


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  • He's playing games. Don't answer his text messages or his calls. He sounds like a totally ass anyways. You can do way better.