Do guys like it when girls wear dresses on a date? Girls can answer too but I'm mainly targeting the guys :) ?

Of course if the weather and occasion are appropriate for dress wearing, lol ;) How do guys feel about dresses? :)


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  • I like them, usually you can see she's made an effort and that's what counts.

    • Why does a dress mean she made more of an effort to look nice for the guy? :) If that's what you meant, lol

    • Na, I meant when you go on a date you can usually see she's made an effort (whether she wears a dress or not) lol

    • LOL :) I knew I got your message wrong. Anyway, thanks for your input

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  • I like my girls extra girly, so yes on the dress.

    • Is it because it makes he seem more feminine or because you just like how they look? Or a combination of the two? Lol :)

    • No teason it can't be both. I love the extra leg and how feminine they look. Sexy and classy.

  • Yes. Dressing sexy on a date is always good. My wife still wears dresses and sexy clothes for me.

    • Thanks for answering :) I think it's sweet of your wife to dress up for you :)

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    • Just noticed your username :) Probably the nicest thing I've seen today. It's rare to find someone that means a lot to you & I hope you guys remain happy together :)

    • I am very lucky to have married my wife. Thank you for your well wishes.

  • Big deal
    .. she will loook beautiful for me no matter what the occasion is...

    • Aww, that's sweet :) That's a good attitude to have about girls :)

    • Thanks! :)

  • Love them!

    • Why do you think dresses are appealing to guys? :) And thanks for answering

    • They show off the body.

    • I'll keep that in mind & thank you, lol :)

  • i think so ya why not

    • That was a reluctant response, lol :) You don't have a preference in regards to dresses, skirts, pants, etc? :)

    • i do but nvm

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