Inexperienced with how a relationship works. help?

So all my life i've been very quiet, shy, unconfident, and I used to be extremely over weight. Now that i'm a bit more out going (only a bit tho) and lost the weight and put on muscle, i'm having much better success with girls.

The problem is, now that i'm having success... I kind of don't know what to do when I get with a girl (dating wise, not hook up wise)

I've been texting a girl who I find extremely attractive and she really likes me, met her off a dating wise. I'm excited to be dating an attractive girl with my interests.. but i dont know what to do exactly or how to lead.

Like how often should we meet? what do we do each time we meet? i know every girl is different, but still there's gotta be a universal thing.

Any help girls/guys? by the way i'm 22. Only been in 1 relationship that lasted 3 months. those 3 months would be us meet up, cuddle and make out in her car, sometimes sex, then we'd go home. I mean occasionally we did something "normal" like go see a movie etc etc


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  • The whole point of relationships is finding that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. IE a best friend. And what do best friends do?

    • Lol well me and my guy friends go to eachother's house and watch anime or play video games. sometimes we go out to eat and drink. She's into that stuff too. but all the time? not sure. then again i could be wrong.

    • I don't see why not. Don't believe the mainstream BS about relationships that only revolve around sex.