I think I start to love this girl, but i'm not too sure?

Well, I started to love her few months ago in college. First seen her in September 2014, she is in my class. We are both 18, and I don't talk much with her.

But i'm not too sure, because I don't think I am attracted to her physically but emotionally, I am. And we are in a complete different background, she is Nigerian, and I'm Turk-Kurd.

I just started to love her because of her personality. I don't know how this is going to work out? I have never been in a relationship. But I think I can't see the future between she and me.

I think she knows I like her, because I notice she caught me staring, which is awkward.


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  • Turkish boy huh :D , man sen türksün :Ddd

    • Evet! And you must be French?

    • No , man , it is my nick , but i like Frenchs their language is good :)) , abi türkiye'deki kızlarsoruyordan daha modern burası sen kızlar soruyordan mı geldin :D

  • Either love her or you don't plain and simple