Is it bad to like someone other than my boyfriend?

I would never cheat on my boyfriend at all. But the thing is once I got with my boyfriend, I met this other guy who I just clicked with straight away. We tease and joke with each other, and can be sarcastic, (which I've always found attractive and wanted in people) - we have quite a bit in common, and I thought he could just be a friend at first, but I've realised I must like him - I don't want him to see me with my boyfriend (he knows I have a boyfriend but he still talks and teases me), I hate it when he doesn't reply to my messages or takes ages to and I hate seeing him with other girls. Is it bad that I feel this way, even though I like my boyfriend? How can I stop this?


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  • if the other guy clicks nicely to u and your heart is inclined to him, follow your heart and go with him. But make sure the other guys intentions are genuine,
    The sooner the better to tell your current bf and breakup. less heartache for both that way.

  • Is it bad?
    Well, it sure sounds unfaithful...


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