My crush asked me out for Saturday night and I'm super nervous. Any advice?

I don't date very often because I'm super shy but I fell head over heels for this guy so I became friends with him and last night he asked me out. Honestly I'm a little afraid my nerves are going to get the best of me and I'll blow it. What do nice guys look for on a first date? Qualities, appearance, mannerisms, etc.


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  • Calm down :) It's not like he doesn't have an idea of what qualities and mannerisms you have, after all, and he likes them enough to want a date. Most girls dress up a little for dates :p Pick something you feel good in.

    And then... go have fun; enjoy yourself. I think that's the most important thing. If you're enjoying yourself, and he's enjoying himself, there will be more dates. I also recommend physical contact. Holding hands. Touching across the table (or sitting next to each other). Leaning in to him, etc.

    You might decide ahead of time if you'd want to get sexual yet and if so, be ready to talk about protection and being tested. (there's no right or wrong answer there, just what you want. And it's an awkward conversation, but really good to have :)

    Enjoy yourself!

    • Thanks for the advice! :) The sex thing was also something I was curious about. Is that a first date question? I'm not one to give it up on the first date but I'm not opposed to talking about it. I get tested after every partner so I know I'm clean.

    • TBH, I have no idea when most people talk about sex. I know I need to be very comfortable with someone before sex comes up, so it's usually been well after 1st date for me :) But if you're comfortable with it, and kind of want him in your bed, and he's a reasonable person, there's no reason not to bring it up. It certainly implies you want a 2nd date ;-)

  • Dress nice and be yourself


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