Potential girlfriend help?

Ok I'm in college, and actively participate in my campus's women's resource Center. Well there's this girl that I like there, Kathereine, and while we never really talked before, we started talking at this event that we both went to, 2 weeks ago. Last week after the women's resource Center meeting, we went rock climbing together, which was a lot of fun. She then asked for my phone number. I was going to ask her to dinner over the weekend, but before I did, she told me that she was going home for the weekend. We talked about getting together again to go rock climbing, and talked about going on Monday (today). On Friday , I messaged her telling her to have a safe trip home, but unfortunately I didn't get a reply. I haven't talked to her since.

Now that it's Monday I'm thinking about texting her: "Hey Katherine, I was wondering if you wanted to go rock climbing tonight?" Do you think that's good?


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  • No not tonight. Too short notice. Give her a few days advance warning

  • Yea.. I do good luck


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