Ladies, do you think you as a gender can have free passes to be "daddy's girls" without being ridiculed while men "deserve" to?

receive a lot of negative for being a "mama's boys or even just a basic close relationship with their mothers?

I mean, I know that some mama's boys are very dependant (not all of them) and occassionally embarrassing if they're too close but daddy's girls are no better either.

I mean it's great to date a woman who respects her father and have a positive relationship with him but Ireally don't wanna have to deal with a pain in the ass overbearing father along with my gf not doing anything about her father disrespecting me so I don't see why having close relationship with your parents (especially of the opposite gender) should be only exclusive to you women when it comes to love relationships.

I sure as hell would NEVER tolerate a woman in a relationship, who shows nothing but disrespect to me and my mom.

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  • That's actually a good question. But it all depends upon ones own definition of "mamas boy/girl or daddy's girl/boy) it's wonderful to be close with your parents, you only get 2 of them. But just like any relationship, it must be a healthy one. For instance, I don't mind a guy being close with his parents as long as he doesn't depend on them for every little thing or say, consults them/involves them in things that he should be handling on his own. I think it should be the same way for girls. However the reason why there's a double standard is because girls tend to be looked at as though they need protection and guidance where as guys are expected to move out early, hold down a job, and be a "man". (Not saying I agree, just explaining how it is.) Now I've always been close with both my parents and I always will be. But I'm also an independent person and I don't need them to hold my hand in situations that I should be handling myself. So in conclusion: Girls should not get a "pass" for being dependent on their parents anymore than guys should. A close relationship with your parents should be encouraged as long as it is healthy. And you can't really generalize by gender because it varies from person to person if you're going to be dependent or independent. It also has a lot to do with how you were raised.

    • I'll date a woman who has a great relationship with her father but at the same time, I don't want her to be to clingy for every single problem of hers, when the woman should also come to me for her problems or figure something out on her own if it's nothing too serious.

      Women with good relationships with their fathers are certainly nice because just like men with good relationships with their mothers, women start to show more appreciation, empathy and respect towards the opposite gender (men) and are given good examples by the father. Not only that, women with good relationships are less likely to become promiscuous.

      That's the type of woman that I'd certainly date as long as her father isn't too difficult and stubborn to deal with.

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  • Yes. I have a free pass:) But maybe being a daddy's girl means something different than being a momma's boy.

    • Cool. You're daddy must have spoiled the hell out of you then and now you expect another man to be your ATM. I'm good. I'll date a more mature woman who still has a great relationship with her father but NOT too dependent on him for every single problem she has. But that only just me so my preference shouldn't matter to you anyway.

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    • I wonder why men aren't allowed to have AT LEAST a great relationship with their mothers (not necessarily super duper dependant on the mom). I thought you women adore men like this, since men with great relationships with their moms are supposedly more likely to respect and appreciate women more.

    • I think that guys who have good relationships with their mothers are probably good and kind people. I think that the phrases above have gathered their own baggage though whether for good or bad

  • Take your third paragraph, and replace "women" with "men" and "father" with "mother". That's what a woman who dislikes the mammas' boy stereotype is thinking.

    Neither should exist. There should be a THICK line between co-dependency and a good relationship with your parent. This should also, never ever interfere with a romantic relationship with another person. And if it does, that's a massive red flag that they're too immature to be independent individuals, unhealthfully seeking their parents' approval outside of, or regardless of yours.

    • I mean yeah, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a close relationship with your opposite gender parent but there's no need for parents to be overbearing.

      Unfortunately, I think girls with overbearing father have it a little worse in this case since the majority of us men (especially with daughters) tend to believe that all women are "genetically engineered" to be the "weak, delicate, defenseless, innocent and irresponsible" gender, therefore, we become very strict on the daugthers dating and sometimes, a little over-dramatic.

  • I feel like being a mama'a boy or daddy's girl is a good thing- so neither of them should be ridiculed in my opinion.

  • I have dated my fair share or "mamas boys ", and I am not a "daddys girl" In my experience it's a good thing for men to love their mothers. The only reason women hate this is because there most likely not the women you take home to mom , and vice versa. Parents will only be over bearing at first. If you fit into the family there will not be hostility for long.

    • I'm just sick and tired of women (and even men themselves) singling out mama's boys as horrible spouse material. I've once dated a daddy's girls and her father spoiled the hell out of her growing up and now she expects me to do the same (even when she knows damn well that I come from a low income background) while her father shows no respect to me as a man even when I work 2 JOBS to support myself and help my mom with her financial problems.

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