My ex got caught playing me and her ex boyfriend?

Well my ex got caught with me by her ex. She didn't break up with him, but was banging me, so he got pissed. She would tell him every night that she loved him, and that same night, have sex with me. Thats messed up in my book. So the ex contacted me and told me she was playing two faces, she found out he contacted me, so we both were dumped by her. Now she's alone. I really loved her. Why did she do this?

She said that she didn't break up with him because she was afraid to hurt him, and that he would try and commit suicide.. But it seemed like she was keeping him on the backburner in case things didn't work with me.

When she broke up with me, i wrote a lot of bad things about her in my phone while we were broke up, i showed it to her, and she broke up with me.


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  • I agree. I feel she was keeping him in the picture for the same reason. Sometimes women don't mean to be fucked up. Sometimes they are just confused and don't know what they want. And maybe this was the case for her. Maybe she was afraid to express this to the both of you.


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  • what is built on lying is ruined by it. get over it nothing to do with this kind of people and don't cheat again ; and yes that was considered cheating.

  • It seem, to me, that you and her both suck and deserve each-other. I can't tell if the other guys sucks too or not though.

    • I didn't know she was lying to him. I thought i was hers and only hers. She lied to both of us.

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    • I said i hate your fucking guts bitch hope you die in hell and all this stuff. I showed nobody but her.

    • Yesh. Yeah I'd say learn to control your feelings a bit. But it still doesn't justify what she did. She seems like a sketchy chick.

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