How to react to this? Confused? Please help?

So I'm in this amazing relationship, that satisfies me completely. We're both crazy about each other.

However, I'm leaving the country for few days. Which he isn't very okay with? I know he feels a little insecure, but I really thought we finally got to a stage where this should not be a problem. Anyways I have finally managed to convince him that it won't be that bad.

When things turned worse after I asked him if he be okay with me going to a club with my favourite cousin in all girls group. Keep in mind I only get to see her like every 2 years. So I was very excited for this experience with her. But after I have asked him he just went dead silent an said he wants sleep. Without answering !

I have no idea what to do about this? Do I even do something about it? I know this won't break our relationship but I don't wanna make him feel bad ether. Should I just say no to the girls? What's your take on this? Or am I just being crazy?


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  • He's just sad and jealous and scared you'll meet someone else
    Mate you coming back or is this a long term move?


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