I'm the man in the relationship?

Its like I'm literally the man in my relationship. My boyfriend is bisexual and he's into guys more. So he's really feminine and he doesn't like to be the dominant one. So if we're cuddling, I would be the big spoon. Or if we hug I'm the one who wraps my arms around his waist and he wraps his around my neck. Or I like to come up behind him and pull him to me by his hips. (He's shorter than me, if that matters) and it doesn't bother me at all. I actually really really love it. But I just wanted to know, is this strange? Have you ever heard of a relationship like this where the girl is the dominant one?

And I'm not the dominant one all the time. But most of it


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  • Is it strange to you? Every relationship is different because everyone is different. If this is what works for you and your boyfriend, then it's orefectky fine


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  • yes you're the dominant one!!! i find this very attractive basically!

    is he also lighter than you? ;-)

    • I'm pretty sure he is haha. Even if he isn't i know I'm still growing and he has stopped so he's going to be a lot shorter than me once I'm fully grown

  • Wondering why you spending your time with biysexyal?

    • Because I love him and his sexuality doesn't matter to me. Plus I find guys who are bi more attractive for some reason

    • It's sounds strange for me I didn't meet women that dont care about sexuality

      Inject him testosterone he will be more man


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