What is the deal with you guys?

Well I already asked a question about this guy once about how he hadn't answered his phone for two days and of course the minute I press submit question he texts me. Well, we talk for about two seconds and then he goes back to not texting me again. At first I thought maybe he fell asleep cause it was eleven thirty but he doesn't go to sleep until like two or three in the morning. Then I thought maybe it was his girlfriend texting me.

Okay so here's the thing. He told me that he told her he was through with her but I'm not sure that that means that they are really broken up and I haven't asked him about it so I don't know if they're still together or not. And I mean I think they are because he's talking to me now. He calls me his baby girl now and tells me how much he loves me and is always saying sorry for the stupidest things. But I've known him to play girls before. Because he did that to my friends but he says I'm different and he didn't really care about them.

So I need to know what his problem is. How can you go from talking to someone every night for hours on end to not texting or calling and when you do you text her like two or three times and then just stop. I don't know what to do and I don't want to text him and sound like desperate or anything so why do guys do this? and what should I do? HELP ME!


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  • i think you should stop texting this guy..if he had you in mind he would text you or he would get out of his way to call you. belive me he doesn't want to deal with it anymore...leave him alone for now...if he is interstead he will contact you...if he doesn't then he may not be interstead...

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