Getting serious fast, is it ok to not talk to him every day?

We are in a relationship and it's getting very serious very fast and im already sick of the hearts and smiley's and the good morning texts.
I appreciate those things but not already. It's just too soon.

And I'm not ready to give up all my free time and talk to him every day or make plans my every free moment.

I'm no social butterfly. I have friends. I just need time to myself.

I tried to match his pace and ended up now in a position where I'm going backwards. I want to talk to him but in person. And I'm not ready to see him just yet.

I can't keep up the charade of hearts and smileys in our texts and the frequency of our communication.

I just need to take a major step back. Is it ok? Can I just relax, be me, and stop worrying im offending him or not being just like him?

ALSO- most importantly, I APPRECIATE HIM. It's just that this is so fast for me. I feel it is not a natural pace for me. I feel we need to grow into this connection.


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  • The best way to deal with that is to be honest, if he hasn't blown it already you need to reassure him of that and then tell him how you feel. He'll either get the message and back off because he doesn't wanna fuck it up, or he'll be a whiny bitch over it- in that case you can tell him he lacks the emotional maturity to deal with these things and he just blew it. haha

    • I'm already worried because as soon as I stop the lovely dovey, his texts get blunt and weird. And while it's just texts, it's so different and obvious that I am just not sure what to expect outside of it. Not a god sign!

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    • From things he's said to me it seems like it's been an issue for him in past relationships. Now that you mention it I feel like I'm seeing where he's coming from. Not sure how I should proceed with him other than just act the way I feel is natural and see if we can find a balance somehow aside from talking to him again. Kind of wondering if this relationship will continue or not :-/ not sure what's gonna happen now.

    • From his perspective he's head over heals in love and he's expressing it, when you need space he takes it as rejection and handles it badly. That's what's usually going on anyway.

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