Want to send her a quick text but its getting too long , any suggestion

after seeing her this weekend and having a really fun time with her , I want to like keep things going and want her to know that I'm thinking about her and be interested in seeing her again . like we had a good time at this party we went to and were gradually getting to know each other better and even shared a taxi ride home although didn't do anything beyond that , there was no hook up as we each went to own place . but yeah it was a good night and I'm thinking that sending her a text might be a good option . but I started to think what I wanted to say and it was way too long .

like how do I say I had a good time , want to hang out with her again and that I enjoyed our little ride home , all in a few short words ?


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  • If I met a guy at a party and shared a taxi ride home...hmmmm...

    I would want to hear

    hey I had a great time sat night :) when am I going to see you again?

    if that's not too forward for you I think that would be good--its confident and sexy

    plus if she answers it's a definite yes, and if she doesnt, its a definite no, and then you know and you're not going to be clingy.

    • Yeah that's a pretty good one to send to her , might change it up a bit to say whens the next party or something though , but I do agree it gives me a pretty solid answer

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  • Here's a good one:

    "Hey! had fun the other night, so when's the next episode? :)!"

    You'll get a response, then you just call her.

    • Was thinking somethign like I had a good time on saturday , what about you ?

      but then it gets too long and I wanted to mention the taxi ride as well but then maybe there's no point mentioning that

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    • Ok so I'll lose the feelings part and just be like I had a good time on saturday

      but if I don't ask a question if gives the message less to be about

      could I be like it was nice to see you or something ? or that I enjoyed partying with you ?

    • I think I gave you a good cryptic message to send her

      Hey!= Excited

      Had fun the other night=I enjoy your company

      When's the next episode=Looking forward to seeing you

      :)! = Excited and happy

      It's give and take with communication, see what she gives you back. Then, don't text back CALL HER, take it into your own hands. if you think she had a good time, she most likely did ;)