Just out of curiosity to the men: how do you show affection to your loved one?

I can list a couple of things my boyfriend does to show that he does care about me. But, I'm just curious about other behaviors. Mind sharing? :D thanks!!


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  • Hello cherryave11
    Here is a list of things I've done to show my affection, sorry if it's long. Also, this is without the whole cuddling part, which is common.
    Surprise hugs and kisses, sometimes by making distractions;
    Play little, rather childish, games to amuse her and make her laugh;
    Making small notes and secrets and placing it in places she will find them, like the pocket of her jacket;
    Text good night every night before she sleeps;
    Remembering special dates;
    Spend the day with her for each month completion of being together to show how glad I am about it, at least for the first year;
    When I hear or observe something that she likes, I make a mental note of it; I implement that note to a gift or something for her;
    Handmade gifts with much effort and planing prior;
    Wear a jacket or bring it along, in case she gets cold;
    Bake or make food for her;
    Write cute little poems or be there (when possible) when she is sad or sick, or just to make her smile;
    Sing her a song and slow dance with her;
    Always look into her eyes when I say "I love you";
    When she question herself, remind her that although she isn't perfect, that I see perfectly, and that I only have eyes for her, and no one else;
    Even when I am upset with her, I swallow that sentiment and speak calmly and kindly, because even if she made me mad, to hurt her would be far worse than any anger;

    Unfortunately, there is a storm here, so I will have to end this short before the light goes out.
    But those are some of the things I do or have done to show my affection.

    • that's a pretty good list! thank you for contributing! :D interesting though :D

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  • I love it and I always do! When walking if she doesn't wrap her arm around mine I wrap mine around her waist. I like grabbing her and holding her close smelling her long hair and telling her I love her. And of course an occasional smack in the ass >)

  • I think smell is very underestimated, I feel it to be the best part of intimacy, like geting filled by your lover's smell.
    So when I feel like it I just hug her and breathe deeply in her hair and neck and it makes me feel closer on a more primal level.
    For this reason I tend to dislike strong perfumes because they cover the natural smell and turn it into something else.


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