Why won't he leave me alone?

so i dated this guy for a few months, things were going well and he was really interested in me, but then things came up he had visa problems (because he's from another country) and he potentially had to go. So he stopped talking to me and pretty much ignored me as if nothing had happened. I really hurt, because we were so into each other before, but i got over it and I'm moving on!

A couple of weeks ago, he found out that he was staying. unfortunately for me he stills seems uninterested, but like i said, I'm moving on and no point in getting upset over it.

but he still texts me, not often (like he used to). Usually if he texts me, he won't reply for an hour after i reply. it really hurts what he's doing. I'm trying to get over him and he striking up small talk and not replying for hours after that isn't helping. I'm not encouraging it but i am replying.
i feel like he's stinging me along.

what does this even mean?
i am literally so hurt and confused, i just wanna move on but he won't leave me alone,


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  • " So he stopped talking to me and pretty much ignored me as if nothing had happened"

    That is what you have to do towards him. Stop communicating.

    Or tell him straight out how he was the one who ended the relationship. You're moving on and don't think it's fair that he keeps communicating.

    Then if he does communicate with you, ignore him. Block him if you can.

    • thanks ! its just hard ! but i will try :)

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