Can anyone help with long distance its complicated situation?

So over break I went on vacation and met a girl and I thought we had a great time we only had two days but we spent most of those two days together the last night I walked her back to her hotel she gave me a quick kiss nothing major its been a few days since then and we snapchatted here and there but today she sent me a pic of a sticker that said what happens in the islands stays in the islands so is it worth trying to get into a relationship we aren't really even that far just over an hour what do I do?

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  • One: how long are you there for?
    Two: what do you mean by relationship?


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  • Never know what could happen. GO for it. The worst that could happen is she turns you down. Trust me rejection isn't as big of a deal as people put it to be. GO for it and maybe she will feel the same. :) good luck if ya do!

  • I've been in a few long distance relationships and I can honestly say some I have regretted. my experiences will be different from yours and opportunity has knocked for you, don't be scared and open the door. (:


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