Have you ever been afraid to date outside your comfort zone?

Recently my guy friend has gone away for some army training a few hours away from our school for 3 weeks. For the past 2 days I guess he has been talking to a friend about me and how he should consider getting to me. Now I was pretty shocked that the guy was actually serious about wanting to get to no me. My friend messaged me on Facebook saying he wanted me to add him and such. I just found it all very odd. So the guy added me on Facebook and yes I did some Facebook stalking and lets just say from his pictures were kind of opposite. He hunter and I guess its weird for me because I am city girl from Chicago and he is a farmer boy from the UP of Michigan. I guess I am just freaked out because he kills geese and deer lol. Has anyone ever stepped outside their comfort zone? Did it work out?


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  • Yes i have several times, where I thought to myself I shouldn't be too picky because you do never know. haha and then there was even a guy who likes hunting and killing animals and I dont really like that but you gotta see it that way, everyone has their 'hobbies' or things they like to do, doesn't mean you have to like them or start doing it with him. You just have to accept it. You probably enjoy doing something that he might think its weird.
    Anyway, with that guy it worked out. When we hung out we just had such a fun time and he was totally different then i expected.
    I guess it really depends, so my adivce go ahead and try it out. You never know how it will end up. And if it doesn't work out at least you tried to get to know the Person and stepped out of your comfort Zone.

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