Should I try to tell him?

I feel stuck my bf just dumped me today bit wouldn't say why and if my results are positive for being pregnant tomorrow (home tests were positive) then I'm going to be stuck I think he put me on reject on his phone as it only rings once before going to voicemail I feel that I should at least tell him I have been trying to tell him by texts and calls and nothing I am considering just going to his car after school tomorrow and waiting for him as I don't know how else to do this should I do that? Has no clue as he hasn't seen me for a couple weeks or talked to me for a bit could use the help / advice please.


Also I feel that if I am he is partly responsible it takea two for this stuff I feel he should at least be told what is up if I'm correct and get another positive.


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  • Right, wait til you're sure, obviously.
    DON'T just randomly come out with it by his car man, especially if he has to drive home afterwards. Just tell him you have something important to talk to him about, and tell him face to face so you can talk at least talk about it properly. Best of luck with it man ☺

    • Yeah appointment just happened to be sure I'll wait for him at his car and tell him we should talk and ok will do thanks

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  • I would wait till after the doctors. If it is positive get a hold of him. But if you are going to abort it I wouldn't tell him unless you need the money for the operation

    • I'd need the money for it cause don't have it covered if I am then I will tell him and thanKS

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    • I am currently waiting for the papers from the doctors tho as she said she was sending them to me think me explainint this would be good enough for him? Honesty I've never got a paper copy up front they always wanna send it to me and yeah well if I didn't know what was going on with myself I wouldn't tell him I'm pregnant I would simply just tell him what I really wanted from him no more I won't try to say anything untrue to him just what I need from him or want from him and awe thanks yeah That us mean I would have just told you that Iwanted to tall to you if I were her and for me if This preg

    • Pregnancy thing were not the case I wouldn't try to tell him then if I simply want to talk to him I'll still wait at his car and tell him I want to talk I aim to be honest so thanks :) you seem nice as well

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