Do you make a big deal out of your anniversary as bf/gf?

This week the bf and I will have been together 4 years. (Yea big whoop I know). Really to me it is just another day that I don't care about. We had a little disagreement last nite because I told him we never do anything, go anywhere and only have sex maybe once a week. He says "i can't believe you are being like this with our anniversary two days away." My response was "anniversary? It is just another day to me. It doesn't change who I am or what I think about this "relationship". And I don't want anything so don't waste your money on me.'

To me really, i dont care about any "anniversary" any more than I do Valentine's day or any other day of the year.

Do you or would you make a big deal out of your anniversary as bf'/gf?

I also told him just because it is "anniversary" to not expect me to be mushy, or sex that day either. If sex happens it happens, but DO NOT EXPECT IT.
And I also might add... that I have been wanting to get married for a while now, and he won't, but wants to make a big deal out of an anniversary. That pisses me off.


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  • I do, we've been best friends since little kids, we've been together as a romantic couple for a little over two years. To me it shows the value I place on our relationship. After we are married I will definitely remember and celebrate our wedding Annevversary like forever!

    • Can I ask you this? Why is your anniversary any different than any other day where you need to "celebrate". Don't you place value on your relationship every day?

    • Sure I place value on our relationship each and every day that we are blessed to be together as a couple. The reason that I make our anniversary as a couple being a day to celebrate being together as best friends who became a "couple" , for us that's pretty significan so we choose to celebrate that day. It's not any more special than every day it's just recognizing we've been a couple for two,, three,, years. More people need to make "statements" about how much they value their relationship, whatever way they choose.

    • Maybe as you get older you might view it as just another day.

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  • Every day should be like a birthday/anniversary/valentines.. That is why I don't care about numbers.

    • I agree. But I guess to him its a "big day". It really means nothing to me. He will be gone to work for 5 days starting tomorrow so who cares about it. My point isn't that is the 4th anniversary, but that he thinks I should "not be in a mood because the anniversary is coming up".

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    • Ha! You are referring to sex aren't you. :)

      I am one that will not use my body as a way to get a guy off the couch. Sorry.

    • Nope, you think you got me ahahha. There are many ways, many other things to do together, already wrote that. You have your pride, he has his. And you are inside your castles, on neighboring hills. You kids should get out and play. Like when you met, and it was all fun and new, get the fresh energy going. That's what I'm saying. :) Got to go now. Wish you all the best with it. cheers

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  • i like to keep track, as so much of society is tracking it for us anyway, but i agree mostly, it gives me an excuse to do something special for my SO... i like spoiling them, so any excuse is valid, up to and including the "un-birthday"

    • So you make a big deal out of it even the few days before? I don't care about it and don't want him to care about me on that day either.

    • no, i don't mention it at all, i would do the nice thing anyway, such as making cookies, but if i remembered that it was the anniversary, that would be my excuse

    • We live together, and he mentioned it last nite. I knew it was coming up, but hoping to sneak by like Valentine's day did. I really don't care about it. Part of my issue is, he doesn't want to get married, but wants to make a big deal out of an anniversary.

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