Why do guys act differently when around girls?

So there's a guy that i like that's so confusing and moody.
When i'm with him and his guy friend he's so cold and he barely takes to me. If I ask him something, sometimes he listen sometimes not. However when i'm alone or my friend he changes a lot. He becomes funny talkative. Why is he acting like this around me?
Well i have known him for 1 month. He used to date someone but he recently broke up with her (i knew they were going to broke up) and the next day they broke up he came to me and announced me the news.
Sometimes i think he wants me to get jealous or something. Because we were standing in the cafeteria and a girl passes by he suddenly started talking to her leaving me standing alone while keeping an eye on me from distance. So i left... so confusing.. why is he acting this way?


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  • There is a big possibility that he likes you. You act differently when you want to ensure a perfect outcome that you desire in a situation, when your usual manners would be inappropriate. Give him hints that you like him. If he is in great, if not you tried.

    • well i tried to play hard to get and i didn't gave him my phone number. then a week after we were standing with my friend talking he suggested to create a group on whatsapp and took my friend number but not mine (playful)

    • Well, he is playing hard to get too :) Just play, keep it positive, expand the communication and you'll se see where it goes. Good luck.

  • "Hormones"


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