So this girl I like still hangs out with her ex, should I worry?

So this girl that I'm talking 2, umm...we've already had sex and everything. just putting that out there, but what bothers me is she still hangs out with her ex and he doesn't know about me...I'm the jealous type but I've been holding my tongue. She said she's not ready to date yet, and I told her I'd wait for her. But this whole situation has me confused and I really don't know what to do about it?


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  • You are 'over-analyzing' the obvious!

    She does NOT want to be in a relationship

    She still hangs out with her Ex because she is still sleeping with him

    She still wants to play the field. You may have more competition than you think.

    My advice. You're under the age of 18.

    DON'T wait for her

    ENJOY the "Friendship with sex benefits"

    ALWAYS wear a condom!

    Mrs Right will turn up someday. But the present time isn't it, and Ms.Heartbreaker isn't the one!


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