Why won't he try anything?

I met this guy online and we went on our very first date on Valentine's Day. It went really well, he lives an hour away and I actually ended up staying the night in his hotel room. Absolutely nothing happened, we ate pizza at 3 am and kissed a bit and cuddled. I told him that I like to take things slow. He told me that he did too and appreciated that. He also told me that he was hiding his online dating profile because he liked me and wanted to get to know me better. Which he has done.
This past weekend I went to his place and spent both Saturday and Sunday night there. We had a great time, talking and getting to know each other. There was cuddling and we slept in the same bed and cuddled then too but not even an attempt to make out with me even? We kissed a few times and stuff and he's still texting me every day. We have plans for me to stay over this weekend too but I'm more than confused as to why he hasn't tried anything more than just snuggles and quick kisses? Maybe he is respecting my wishes and actually wants to get to know me completely before taking that next step? It's all new and the last guy I was with very much rushed things in that department so maybe I am using that as a comparison and really shouldn't be.


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  • You say you want to take things slow but it doesn't sound like that is actually what you want to do. You asked for slow and that's what you got. People who "go slow" can take months before they actually do things.

    • Fully aware of that. I just expected that he would be a little more forward. I'm appreciating the fact that he's respecting me and on the same page. Pretty sure I'm just overthinking and used to guys that only want a specific thing. If he is still talking to me and invited me over again, he still likes me.

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  • What you should have said was I don't want to have sex on the first date but if we meet and things go well, then I'm fair game.
    You should just ask. You are the one that wanted slow, now you don't want slow. You may want to make up your mind first next time :-/