Did he cheat? What is the deal?

My guy and I have not been together for a long time at all. After he first week of us dating, he had to go to Nashville for some convention. Before he left to that convention, he would text me all the time with the cute emoji's, text me every morning and night and was super cute and lovey dovey. During his trip to Nashville, he did not talk to me much (he told me before that he was going to be busy which I understood) he would just text me to let me know that he was drunk or drinking. He has been back for about almost a week now and he isn't talking to me much, when he does it's super short one worded responses. He isn't making an effort to come see me, when I offered to go see him he just said he is busy. I told him that he isn't being how he was towards me before he left and he said he was worn out. I told him if you are worn out with us, let me know you are not going to hurt my feelings so be honest. He said he did not mean it like that. I literally feel like for the past week and a walk that I do not have a boyfriend/companion anymore. What should I do?


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  • Just take a break. No, I am not asking you to break up with him or something. Just telling you to take a break for yourself. It's okay if you care for yourself for a day or 2. Stop texting him so many times. If he was worn out then he probably needs time to recharge himself. If he's lying then it's his loss that he lost someone who loved him the most. But mostly, just don't worry. Things will fall in place. Just give it and him some time.

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