How to go for a kiss?

So I like this girl and she knows how I feel... I don't know if I can say "we are talking" but I know we are a little bit more then the "we are just friends" phase... her birthday is on Sunday and I'm getting her a jersey she has always wanted and I know she's going to be really happy! And I want to kiss her but I've never been good at doing it smoothly or "stealing" a kiss from a girl.. any tips? advice? If it helps.. every time I drop her off we hug and I give her a kiss on the forehead or on the side of her head.


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  • When you hug her and she goes to let go, gently hold on.
    Make eye contact and grin. Then pull her back in and kiss her.

    If she pushes you away, just grin again shake your head and say hey, I had to try. You're too pretty to not kiss.

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