I'm not sure about my boyfriend's feelings towards me?

We've been dating for like 4 months now, we were eachothers first time with almost everything. We've knows eachother for around 1,5 years. In the time we've been dating he has told me he's in love with me and he does show affection, but he hasn't told me he loves me yet. I think he loves me, but doesn't think of it as a big deal, but what do you guys think? I'm planning on just asking him if he loves me the next time I see him.

I also get irritated by him from time to time, is this part of being in a relationship? Having doubts about it all? Finding him unattractive at sometimes? Did you guys ever experience something like this? I feel like a noob but I'm just not sure about this all anymore and I hate these doubts.


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  • That's normal in a relationship. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months and last night I got tired of him harassing me on my driving by saying I am a terrible driver; meanwhile, he always asks me to drive, and also by treating me like his ex-girlfriends. So I told him off last night and told him how I felt.

    Now with you and your boyfriend, mine was the same way. He didn't say "I love you" until four months after we started dating. It's still the stages where you two are getting to know each other. Just give it time.

    Hope this helped.

    • Has everything gotten better? Also thank you for mho.

    • Yeah, I nearly ever get irritated by him any more and I feel like I love him more than ever. He still hasn't told me though. Thank you for your comment.

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