Need help! How do I ask a man if he is looking for in a relationship or casual dating? How do I know if he is interested in me?

I'm very interested in a man I have just started to see. We have had three dates. All of which have gone well. I do not want to rush things. However, I want to know what his intentions are at this time in his life. Does he want to explore a relationship or just casual dating? If he is looking for a relationship what is his interest level in me? I realize that's a tall order.

I don't want to force a relationship. I want to understand his intentions/interst in me so I can decide if I wish to continue seeing him.

At this point in my life, I am looking to build a relationship over time. Not casual dating. He is a wonderful man and I am starting to developing feelings for him. I would rather stop seeing him if he only wants casual dating.

How can I talk to him without pushing him away and still have clarification?

How do find out what he is looking for? How do I find out if he is intersted in me? Specific advice would be helpful!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Best way is to keep dating. Dating requires taking risks sometimes. I wouldn't know of any other way of finding those things out other than asking.

    • Good point about Just taking a risk. As a man, would you be put off if a women asked you what you were looking for?

    • No. It's happened plenty of times. But it's something I kind of expect.

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  • Just be straightforward about it.

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