Think this will go ok?

My ex bf dumped me by a text the other night we were suppose to talk that day to cause our two week break had just ended little did he know about the pregnancy see we had sex the day before we started the two week break with me being new to birth control we had to be careful but there was a small bump to get through he's the only one ivery been with so that's why I know it's his since he put my calls on. reject and clearly is not going to be paying attention to my calls texts or voicemailso I figure this is the only way to deal with. things he gets out at 1 or 1:30 from class we are going to the same school so I am gonna wait at his car soon to talk. To him about this all how do you. Think he will react to me waiting by his car for him to talk? Think he would at least hear me out? I'm honestly so nerve wracked right now and barely slept the other night so I feel very on edge I'm hoping he just listens at least could. use the help and advice and soon to got only an hour or so before I go. out to wait.


  • He won't get to upset and he will heAr you out.
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  • He mugh get a bit upset but will listen to. you.
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Also whoever can give me some good. advice/help first will get voted most helpful as I. need it soon.
Thanks in advance.


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  • Calm down!!! Relax! Take a deep breath! Although I will say he sounds like a douche bag. Anyway you are doing the right thing, the sooner you can tell him about your pregnancy the better. If he gets upset at you being there and doesn't want to talk to you then just say it say "Im pregnant" he will either want to talk to you then or walk away trying to ignore/bury the problem but at-least he knows. Who cares if he gets upset though? You being pregnant is an issue you BOTH have to deal with now and even if its not today, everything will get sorted out in time.

    I can tell you love this guy a lot, but its your body and your life you have to put your happiness and peace of mind first.

    Drop me a message if you would want some more advice/someone to vent to!

    • You are right I'll try and be calm thanks this made. me feel better he said he's done with me and to. forget him please but this now. I'm. just gonna try I'll message yof

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