What do you like your men to do, if anything, to subtly show masculinity, pampering, or protection?

For me, I love when a guy finds out what I want to eat and orders it for me. Tucks me under a blanket on the couch if I'm cold or stretches it over my feet. Opens doors (if it is feasible, if I am there first I do it myself of course). Physically, Initiates a kiss, hug or make out session or is a bit more aggressive in bed. Those types of things. Things that would be considered "pampering" such as a cup of coffee in bed or making sure I had what I needed whenever.

An interesting sidebar is how these play into supposed "nice guy" behaviors, some are alpha behaviors, some are protection such as a hand on your back crossing the street or whatever.

I realize my age plays a lot into my expectations of what might be termed "chivalrous" behavior and some of you younger girls may not appreciate it, and that's cool. Older guys are more likely to do these things, younger may not, that's cool too.

Guys, if you do any of these is it automatic and subconscious? Is it how you were raised? Instinctive or thought about?

This is a simple discussion, no right or wrong, and no need to bash anyone personally for opinions that differ. I am curious to see how the answers differ between younger, in between and older girls/guys.



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  • Tucked her under blankets: check
    Opened doors: check (I do that for women in general... if anyone is pissed by that, I really don't give a shit)
    Initiates kisses, make out sessions, and sex: check
    Literally swept her off her feet and carried her off to bed for sex: check
    Order for her: never (dunno, it strikes me as childish)

    Why did I do this? I wanted to, and so did she. I also think my father and mother, when I was young, were very much in love and very affectionate to each other. They sort of lost their way when they got older, but it was very instructive for me to SEE that mommy and daddy loved each other.


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  • When I am driving I always get her door. The woman I am with is the first woman to do most of the driving so it has thrown me off that game. i will always cover her and her feet if we are cuddling on the couch. I either hold hands or have my arm on her when walking next to her. I try and do things for her when i can. I always have. I don't really know how to make it about me. Every woman I am with tells me I am so different because I never make it about me. Honestly there must be a lot of selfish asshole men out there. because I could not understand doing anything different then what i do now.

  • 90% of women feel the same way you do about this topic.

    • I would think so, too, but you have a number of women who would be offended at having her meal ordered, opening doors and such. And a number of guys who just don't do these things. Curious to see the answers, and if they don't agree, why!

    • I can understand a female being offended by her date ordering for her, but it blows my mind that anyone could be upset that someone opened a door for them. lol

  • As a guy I'd like it if I could get some pampering sometime too... being a gentlemen all the time can be had if it goes unrewarded..

  • i doubt i would keep on caring for the girl so much provided she does not do anything in return for me... most girls i have been in relationships want but when it comes for them to compromise and give they back off so lately i have decided i will only give when she gives me in return else dump the b!&@#

  • You are 47 on a kids website

    • And you are anonymous on an innocent question.

    • It's not a kids website. In fact it's pretty recent there was a surge of kids - there used to be not that many under 18s, and they were banned from some of the biggest sections of the site

    • This website is for grown ups not stupid kids

  • This'll be interesting!



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  • Dominance on a guy is always a turn on, as long as he is also respectful with it.

    Opening doors is not a must, but if we're entering a room together and he opens the door and moves to the side to let me through, that's really cute and "flattering", I guess. I can't find the right word for it. It makes me feel special, like a princess.

    Lifting my chin up or just turning my head before kissing me is also hot.

  • good question. i want to know too haha
    But well as a female, i have a bro and he was nice since he was young.. quiet, gentle to his girlfriend. He is only loud when he is with his bros, frens..
    but when it comes to mum, me and my sis or any other females, he acts different as in a gentlemen way..

  • When he takes care of me when I'm drunk, sick. When he helps me eat the rest of the food from my plate. When he starts defending me in front of jerks. When he isn't afraid to be who he is and tells me when he disagrees or when I'm being a jerk. When he puts up with my crazy friends with a smile on his face. When he shares his weak spots. When he trusts me completely...

  • I like to be shown warm protection.