I need help staying with a girl, any help?

So, I've never dated before. Just going to put that out there, so this is all super new to me. Over the weekend a girl shared her feelings for me, I said that I felt the same. After thinking about it, I've realized that we have pretty much nothing in common. She's a cheerleader, and I'm a gamer. She's pretty popular, and I'm shy and awkward around people.

We usually text after school, and have been doing so for a while, talking about school and stuff, but I feel like a relationship can't be built off of that.

I do really like this girl, but I'm new to dating, and don't know how to keep her interested.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Ask questions to get to know her. Take her out on dates. Teach her games, learn about cheering.


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