Should I Confess My Love?

Me and this guy have been very close friends for about 4 years. I've been in and out of relationships quite a bit. I can just never feel a great enough connection between me and anyone. I think I've finally found out why though.

I'm in love with my best friend. I'm in a relationship right now. I never realized it until just the other night and now i feel like i need to tell him I'm in love with him. Whether anything happens between us after that or not. I just need to get it out there, i can't keep holding it in.

I'm worried to loose my best friend though.. if he doesn't feel the same. He's told me he likes me and we were going to talk about us one night but i think he was worried we would lose eachothers friendship.

Basically. Do i need to leave the guy I'm with to tell him this? Because i feel like if i could confess my love I'd be able to move on after if i needed to. But if he told me he was in love with me to then i would want to wait for him to be ready..

Sorry i know it's long, please read it all and give me an honest opinion. I can't lose his friendship.


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  • Go with what your heart is telling you..

    But In my opinion... You're in love with your best friend.. Go for it.. If he rejects you... You can move on...

    I've been told you regret the things you didn't do then the things you do


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  • A female friend of mine once admitted that she like me a lot, and I told her that I felt the same. However, it never got anywhere, and it ruined the friendship. Why because it was hard to see someone that you liked be with someone else. This is a gamble; if you really want to be with him, let him know, but be ready to end the friendship. You might make him feel bad for breaking up your relationship though. He may feel bad for your current boyfriend. However, you have to follow your heart.

  • Confess, I did to mine and it didn't ruin our friendship! Still strong friends 2 years later.

    You never want to sit around wondering what-if.
    The sooner you know the happier you'll be, either because your with him or beginning to move on.

    • Do i need to leave the guy I'm with now before? I've never cheated on anyone and it's making me sick to my stomach knowing my heart is to someone else..

    • I probably would. Esp. if your best friend also says that he wants to be with you.

      And if he doesn't, well the other guy is second-best (?). That could also possibly weigh on you depending on how you view things.

  • Been through the similar thing, but the difference was it was the other way around. I like her but she likes me ONLY AS A FRIEND. And here I am right now doing my best to avoid her. I even ran from her with a bike just to get away. I really looked ridiculous.


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