How do I get him to like me again?

Hi! I'm a tall, thin, white, 15 year old girl. I go to a private school on the East Coast. I don't want to be conceited but I am very pretty, and though I have almost no experience with actual dating, I find that guys do express interest in me... but nothing ever works out. Here's my problem:
Last summer (2014) I met a guy through a friend. We hit it off at my party the night we met. He lived near me, and even though we didn't know each other very well yet, we met up for coffee in my neighborhood more than once. It took him a long time to walk there, and afterward he would walk me home. I was naive at first but gradually I began to suspect he liked me. At the time, I didn't feel the same way. I'm not sure why not: I just liked him as a friend. Looking back, I can't believe I couldn't see this sweet guy the way he saw me. I went away to camp and he sent me a letter, and all the way up until the beginning of school he was still interested, but I just didn't feel the same. I wanted to like him back, but it just wouldn't work.
He gave up the chase (I don't blame him) and then in late fall he met another girl and they "had a thing" for a while, then began dating. Though we remained friends and I hung out with him sometimes (with mutual friends), my feelings didn't start to grow for him until he began dating the girl. It also helped that he got taller, got a haircut, and got his braces off. Afterward, all his friends and mine would tease me. "You missed out!" They would say all the time. They always would say he was REALLY, REALLY into me over the summer. Though I hooked up with a small number of people during this time (nothing past handjob), I was never emotionally involved, because I only really wanted this guy.
I waited it out until they broke up. Finally, now they recently have-I was SO, SO, SO, HAPPY. But he's no longer interested in me and wants to stay friends. He knows I like him, but doesn't know just how much (a lot). How do I get him interested again?


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  • You can't make someone "like" you. It depends on the person and how they feel towards you. lol I'm the total opposite of you except for the pretty part. Haha.