Is it okay to feel upset? Sorry for the long description in advance?

So on Saturday my boyfriend and I got in a fight... if you could call it that... honestly not sure what happened.. anyway so fight Saturday and I told him that he can text me when he feels like talking. He didn't message me all Sunday and I was getting worried... at the end of Sunday he sent me a single text explaining that he wasn't thinking of breaking up with me at all but needs some time for himself... I was totally okay with that although a bit upset about the situation in general. So then Monday comes and I don't really have any friends so I spent the day at school sulking by myself. He didn't text me. So today comes and I don't see him until lunch. He is waiting there by my locker. So I go to him and try to pretend that I'm not upset and I try not to jump down his throat with questions. We eat our lunch and go find a place to sit and wait for lunch to be over. He said he spent his time playing on the gamecube and over at a friends place. He said he no longer wants to text me and wants to spend mornings in his classroom so he can study for upcoming exams. I am totally fine with the studying but am a bit upset about the texting... and I feel really awkward around him... is this okay? Any advice?


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  • What was the fight about? Maybe he just needs some time... Sometimes that kind of things happen. He said he don't want to break up with you, right? (:
    And yes, of course it is normal for you to feel upset. Why don't you try to solve things and talk with him about how you're feeling?

    • Honestly I have no idea what the fight was about... he got mad at me for something and I never really figured it out. And I had no problem with him needing time I just feel like that now that he is back he just expects me to be okay now too? I would like to talk to him about it but he doesn't want to text and I don't know how appropriate it is to try and talk to him about it at school. Anywho, thank you :)

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    • No problem and yes we are :)

    • Good to know! ^^

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  • I hope he says something soon. why is texting you a problem? If your his girl he should want to text you and you him. Don't like seeing my new friend getting upset but don't wait on him. Ask him point blank you still want me as gf or not!!!

    • We are talking now! :) He doesn't want to text anymore though because he feels like he never has the chance to miss me or wonder about me. But I can text him small short things or important things and call him if I want a longer conversation. Thank you for the concern though! :)

    • Got something to tell you gf

    • I'm ready when you are :)

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