How do I get the courage?

So me and this girl have been texting for awhile and she has all the signs of liking me. Like being very flirty in texts, staring at me, complimenting me, touching, etc. I like her a lot too. She makes me feel so special, and no other girl has done that. But, whenever I get close to her I just clam up and can't look at her and don't know what to say. I think she is the same because we're both to shy to talk at school. I just wanna know how I can get the courage to ask her out? I am about 90% sure she is really into me.

Side note: I am a really shy guy with girls i'm into and she has managed to get me half-way out of my shell. She would be my first girlfriend if this all works out also. :/

Any feedback is appreciated. :)


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  • Ask her through text to meet you after school or something. Then you'd feel obligated lol when u do get to her, act cool and talk to her normal
    How was your day? Etc

    PS have something planned.. Like the movies or taking her to eat etc.


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