Is it possible for a guy to have strong feelings for more than one girl?

I've been pretty serious with this guy, but we've been on and off a lot just because of commitment. We agreed that no matter what we will always have a thing for each other and be special to one another. Recently he met another girl and they have been on and off in a short period of time. He says he's not happy for her and has strong feelings for me, yet once he goes to me he always ends up back with her for a few days then back to me. I can't tell if he does this with her because he tries to make me jealous since he thinks I am with other guys also. I know he does not really want me to be with other guys cause he still has feelings, but why does he do this? What should I do?


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  • This is really tricky! I had been in exactly the same shoes for a year (two years ago) and in the end I let him go because even though I loved him, I let him choose and follow his heart.

    Even though the most efficient way is to give him an ultimatum - "choose me or her" - it might pressure him a bit too much.

    It sounds like you both really treasure this special thing between you guys. I think one thing you have to do is figure out if this special thing is love or not. It will take time, but it's serious enough to put an effort to investigate it. You would have to be ready to get hurt if he chooses her in the end. But do a bit of research to find out the difference between infatuation and love - and you'll know if he's one that worth you love-sick over!

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