Is it worth it?

So this guy I've been seeing for 2 months told me he likes me a lot, he is just unsure of what he wants and doesn't want to rush in a relationship. He says he doesn't know if hell want to or not but he wants to take things slow.. He says relationships make things complicated but he also told me he wouldn't hook up with girls. he's also talking a lot about future events with me so that means he's planning on staying in my life for a long time i guess? I just dont know if its just cause he's the type to wait to be 100% sure about a relationship or if he's just not that interested in me


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  • NO.
    Get you a real man who knows how to behave in "REAL MAN" fashion... not some punk ass bich like this kid... ew...

    • How do you know he's lying?

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