Should I ignore him?

So my bf is weird. somedays he is all over me and won't leave me alone. the next day he completely ignores me even though we have classes together. for example our English classrooms are next to each other but we come from opposite directions. today i went the same way as him (he is ignoring me right now) and he freaked out. like he was saying i was stalking him and crap like that. wtf is going on? should i ignore him like he ignores me or what please tell me some good answers.


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  • He have some isue or he is just young boy and learning. He might not like the idea tha someone could know he likes a girl. He might imagine horrors about sex. Maybe it is fun for him to play like that. Maybe he likes the idea someone is paying attention or stalking.
    Not stalk. Be his friend. Play videogames...


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