Why is it that 17-18 year old girls like me more now than when I was 17-18?

I am 22 now and girls age 17-18 age think I am hot now. Why don't they like guys their own age?

Is it because my skin is clear, i can grow good facial hair, I dress nicer, am more muscular, and am more confident?

It seems like most girls are attracted to guys one age group above them

late teen girls seem to be attracted to early- mid 20s guys
early - mid 20s women like late 20s - early 30s men

Do you notice this trend also?


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  • Yeah because women tend to be more mature then men their age so they are attracted to older guy who match their maturity.


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  • I guess cause guys are thought to be stronger, taller, ... older. Older guys seem more manly to them compared to guys their own age.


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