I like him, but so does every other girl?

How do I stay confident if I were to date a total ladies man? He's just extremely charismatic and good looking, and girls get interested in him easily. But I think he likes me, is the thing... How do I not get jealous?


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  • You're going to need a lot of willpower.

    I usually do one of two things to prevent jealousy.

    1) Coward Method - I overestimate the person that I am jealous of, and give in that they are better than me and more likely to win him/her over. This is somewhat depressing at first, but it picks up really quickly, especially if she/he really is into you.

    2) Douche Method - I look at all the bad qualities of the person and degrade them as much as I can. (IN MY MIND, Don't call this person out for having a hilarious hairline) This reminds me that I'm more likely to win him/her over and that I really shouldn't be worrying.


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