Is there actually a thing as playing hard to get or shy people in the dating scene?

A lot of dating articles state generally state that if a person isn't taking initiative to interact with you, keep things going, return phone calls/texts/etc. then they're not interested. So then that leaves the question - is a person who is shy/playing hard to get really interested in you to begin with or is it just a passing phase where by they may have some feelings for you but in reality they're not fully committed?


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  • In my opinion, playing hard to get is most common in the process of flirtation, and getting the guy's attention, but not usually in the dating scenario. If she/he wasn't returning your phone calls/texts/whatever else, and you were already dating, then that could be a sure sign she/he isn't interested. But to be sure, you could always text him/her and instead of saying "hey" text with a "purpose". Like, ask an important question, such as if you're in college together, when's the exam, or what books you needed to buy. You could also try texting him/her a question about them, or at least something that would get them interested, and motivated to answer.

    • Interesting. Okay so perhaps this should have been posted in the flirting scene. Going back to the question though, let's say in a scenario - a person is shy and/or playing hard to get, would it be correct as per most dating articles, to think that this implies the person is not entirely interested in you. Perhaps they are interested on some level, but relative to say a person who is completely interested in you they cause resistance. An example of this is the Brad Pitt rule for women, and I guess some equally successfully/adored female for men.

      The rule states if Brad Pitt started talking/contacting/asking a girl out the likelihood of resistance would be close to non-existent.

      Why? Because they're held to such high regard by that person they wouldn't risk the loss of their attention/affection.

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