Ok, so I know I've already asked a similar question but it's really hard for me because it's my first relationship...

We kissed a lot on Sunday it was amazing! so today we met to grap lunch and spent that one hour together before I had to go back to work. Though we had that great time together, it seems to be quite hard to "break that moment of akwardness" that people usually have at the beginning... At least I feel as if we both don't know how to greet.. to kiss or just to hug... or both... Even when it comes to holding hands we always must "start" from the beginning but than once "the ice is broken" everything is perfect and we spent time together just a like a "new" couple normally does...
When we chat on whatsapp he resently wrote me that he loves me and we chat like a young couple...

What do you guys think? Is that normal? Or what could I do to change that or help him maybe if he's nervous?

Thanks for your help. I appreciate every comment.


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  • that is abnormal you have mono enjoy the grave


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