What do you think the biggest myth of the dating scene is?

Remember, these are GENERAL statements. I obviously know this doesn't apply to ALL men or ALL women.

For people interested in women- Myth: Women enjoy being approached by guys. Reality: Women actually hate it and will claim a guy is "Creepy" or "odd" if they do so. I haven't noticed this so much with women over 30, but with women in their 20's, this couldn't be more true (especially in college.)

For people interested in men-Myth: Men aren't attracted to overweight women because being overweight is a sign of bad health. Reality: Men are visually shallow and want someone who looks good (don't deny it fellow guys, you KNOW this is true.)

@Behemoose Accurate answers and a funny discussion. You get most Helpful Answer.
@Sara413 I still disagree with a LOT of what you had to say, and I think you're confusing what confidence TRULY means but you were the only female who answered and you thoroughly explained yourself, you get MHG.


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  • "Women actually hate it and will claim a guy is "Creepy" or "odd" if they do so"

    Here's the thing - you gotta pick up on social cues. If a woman is not interested in you, something that would be romantic or sweet if done by her BF or crush is creepy..

    I understand the frustration with younger women - many do not have the confidence to speak up for themselves about what they really want, so they will be polite and friendly even when they are completely uninterested, which tends to complicate things by confusing the guy.

    But eh, that's the fun of life, right?

    • Ok, fine, but I wasn't just speaking for myself. Most other guys I know agree that women in their 20's act this way. I think some of it is generational; we're used to meeting online (not face-to-face) and women in previous generations ONLY met in public places (no internet, duh!).

      However, age also plays a factor (not just the generation.) When women hit their 30's, their "biological clock" runs out and they become desperate, horny freaks. They LOVE being approached, because men don't like them too much anymore.

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    • Calling them desperate horny freaks is insulting...

      Sounds like you're talking about the types of 30-something women who hang out in bars? Yeah, they might fit that description, but the vast majority of women in this age group that I know are incredibly self-assured and confident.

    • What does confidence have anything to do with it? You can be horny and confident and you can have a no confidence and care less about sex. I, myself, am confident AND horny.

      Most women in their 30's live in bars from my experience. Girls in their 20's prefer a "club" rather than a sit down bar, but they're still picky snobs.

      I still think girls in their 30's are hornier than women in their 20's (on average) simply because they aren't as "valued" anymore (but I still love them.)

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  • I agree that most women seem to be uncomfortable if you approach them directly. Women are really good at getting in their own way when it comes to meeting men.

    As for the idea of men being 'visually shallow': Yeah, I want to feel attraction for the woman I'm with. That's not being shallow, that's being realistic. I'm not spending my life with someone who doesn't excite me.

    • The good news about women, I've noticed the ones in your age group actually enjoy being approached. I'm assuming it's because at your age, they don't have near as many guys approaching them anymore, so now they see it as a homage.

      As far as being visual, I think it's shallow. I'll admit, I'm shallow.

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    • I wouldn't consider a woman unattractive if I wanted to take her to bed.

    • Well, I would take a girl to bed I found unattractive.

      Anyway, the anonymous user above is living in a fantasy world. I wonder if he's been laid? Probably not.

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  • that its not that much about the money.

    wishful thinking. with money, softer the fall, always can have a date if you're a decently attractive sane guy, less headache in the relationship, more respect (this is crucial to a functional romantic relationship), love dont pay the bills.

    • YES! This is especially true with women in their 20's.

    • yes! women who has options to be more precise. the hot ones are more likely to be like this. their theory is, love isn't guranteed but next thing close to happiness is money (lifesytle) are they wrong? absolutely not. the ones in high demand care definitely

  • Another saddo "pity me" question in disguise.

    "Myth: Women enjoy being approached by guys. Reality: Women actually hate it and will claim a guy is "Creepy" or "odd" if they do so."

    No, they will call you creepy and odd, if you ARE creepy and odd.

    That's entirely on you. And since you're so obviously unwilling to learn what's wrong with you and change it, it's not going to magically get better in your bitter 30's.

    • I'm not just speaking for myself, I'm speaking for many other guy I know. Also, this isn't a "pity me" question.

      Girls in their 20's will call you "creepy" for no reason at all. I haven't noticed this with women in their 30's. I'm not saying it WILL get better when I'm in my 30's; I'm saying your generation is a LOT more accepting.

      Tips: Improve your reading skills and get a grip on reality while you're at it.

  • Yes... I am a chubby chaser.

    • Lol you guys are lucky actually. Since an overwhelming majority of men are repulsed by big women, you guys have the entire selection to yourselves.

    • Yes... buffet is open!