How do I force myself to stop going back to one person?

Me and this girl have been back and fourth at least 15 times within this year... I'm so done with it, and i can't stop going back. She just cheated on her ex with me and i thought it was messed up so we broke up. She was telling him she loved him while screwing me behind his back.

I hate this. I've wasted so much time on this woman, and i want to move on. But i love her, and she manipulates me into going back.. How do i leave her alone? We always go NC but she always ends up trying to come back.

she's also cheated on me with him. So its been back and fourth between us both, this whole year. he's pissed, im pissed, and i feel like he hasn't learned, and her and him will be back together again anyways.


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  • Block and ignore.


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  • delete her from your life and find a new girl.