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I'm so sick of the lonely girl. I never get the guy I want and sit back and watch everybody else so happy in their little couples. I'm so sick of being the girl that is overlooked, the girl that is to smart to date, that girl that every guy won't even look twice at because she is not at all easy. Obvious those are good things but why don't boys ever see it that way. I'm so sick of other girls getting any guy they want and then there is me just as guy less and incapable of getting a guy as ever. I'm so sick of watching me friend flirt with the guy that I really really like just because she knows I won't do anything about it. Mostly I am just sick of being the girl that has all of the confidence in the world about everything else except flirting. I'm so sick of holding back I just want someone, some special guy to finally see that. I just want something to finally work out and honestly I don't know how to make that happen. If you have any advice please let me know and thanks :)


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  • Everyone must meet their moment of truth.. You are too smart to date so the guys are the ones who are losing in this situation.. If you think about it, you are the lucky one.. you won't have to date idiots or guys who are only looking for sex at your age.. they will eventually mature.. and you will meet smarter guys in a few years. If you really want to be with someone, then look for a smart guy, someone who can hold a conversation with your level of intellect.

    • I know how you feel. and trust me its not easy I know. then ifound that the guys I were going for were way outta my leaugue and now I got a boyfriend that may not be the envy of all my friends but he is thebest:))

  • Look... The only tool to get a boy with you is that you look at him with a smile and I bet you won't loose her if he's not booked with other girl... If you give him extra care and love, he would divert to you...


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