I don't know if this girl I like, likes me anymore?

SO this girl and I have been talking to each other for about 5 months now. Only texting though. I told her I had a crush on her about 2-3 months in - weird. She was blown back by it, because she hasn't been in a relationship for 2 years. She eventually told me she has feelings for me.

Then about 2 weeks ago we had a really big fight. Lot's of things were said and one, but we let them go and moved past it. However, the person who didn't was her friend. I asked her why she was so mad at me - almost hateful. She said for what happened several weeks ago. I apologized to her and such thinking we could move past it because she was my friend too... she didn't.

I would try talking with her and all she would say is "you suck, you're a loser, annoying, blah blah blah..."
So i said, "okay, then stop talking to me, you're annoying me".

Well, shit. Now the girl I like saw that and was pissed off. Saying how immature I am, I need to grow up, I'm annoying, and that she and her friends agreed it was best leave me.

However, it's that time of the month for her... and it wasn't that big of a deal. They weren't mad I said it, rather it was the wrong time to say it because my friend was going through some tough stuff and I had no idea.

So they are all blaming everything on me, which is fine. I take responsibility for both accounts.

The girl I like is saying, "she's done..."(basically).

Her cousin - which im friends with too - says to give her time and wait.

From a girls perspective, what should I do and what does it mean? Will she forgive me?

- im not good with observations and new to this stuff - so no experience.


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  • I think, wait for a week, then contact with her for one last time. If she don't react in congenial manner, better forget her and move on.