It kills me to see my best friend who I like getting with other guys?

I need to get over her somehow, don't just say find another girl its not that easy. I've not told her how I feel because its pretty damn obvious she doesn't feel the same way. How can I cut contact without being nasty? I wanna stay friends and thats why I can't tell her.


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  • You suck it up and hope the feelings eventually go away. If you genuinely value her as a friend, they will.

    I say this as someone who was madly in love with my male best friend for over a year. The feeling was not mutual, but I got over it. What did help, though, was when he started dated his current GF who I absolutely ADORE.


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  • So it's killing you... and instead of telling her how you feel, you're wasting time with this question.

    Makes perfect sense!

    • like I said if I tell her how I feel it will ruin the friendship not something Im prepared to risk

    • If you're not ready to risk some things then stop complaining. If you want something you work for it as simple as that. We give a little and we hope to get back a lot more. Simple.