Asking a girl out by University email?

Hey girls, so I'm pretty sure this girl in one of my classes is attracted to me, and I'm definitely attracted to her. She obviously works out, and I'm a pretty big guy myself. We haven't had a full on conversation but we say hi at the beginning of class and she seems to smile, laugh, and make little comments about what's going on in class. I was going to talk to her but by the time I finished talking to some guy at the end of class she had gone. What would you think if a guy sent you this "Hey (insert name), this is (insert name) from class. I was going to talk to you after class but by the time I turned around you were gone lol. What's your number? I'd like to grab some coffee with you and get to know you better. " So, should I do this or should I wait for next week when I see her again to ask her in person?


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  • Talk face2face first before going online to make her feel comfortable to contact you back.
    Good Luck :)

    • I ended up running into her today on campus. We talked and I asked her out... Just as her boyfriend walked up lol. Oh well, on to the next one.

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    • Well, you 'can' try but, I see low probability.

    • Yeah I know. It's not like I was in love I just wanted to hook up. Anyway, one of my TAs is gunna hook me up with one of her friends so it should be a good weekend.

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  • Not over university email omg that would be so weird lol

    • Look at the other comments.

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